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SCHOOL OUTING (Preschool / Kindergarten / Primary level):

Bring your class on an outing to Fish@Aranda and get ready to delight in the interesting and colourful world of aquarium fishes at our Children Longkang pond!

Apart from the usual guppy, our pond also consists of plenty other small fishes like baby koi, goldfish, swordtail, tiger barb, red fish, molly and shrimps even!

We have hosted many interactive school outings for pre-schoolers, Kindergarten and Primary school kids. Here they can have hands-on experience of catching and learning about the different types of aquarium fishes through our specially designed worksheets! A school outing event at Fish@Aranda can be as educational as you need it to be for any scholastic level up to 12 years old.

As kids and adults can both enjoy here, that is why schools love having their group outings with us!

If you are looking for a great field trip idea for your school, look no further than Fish@Aranda!

A small aquarium tank, fish net, a simple worksheet with $5 voucher and fish food will also be given to each of them to bring back.

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