*Click here to download LongKang Party Package Price for both outlets.*

Parents today are constantly on a look-out for venues and refreshing ideas to hold their kids’ birthday parties.

Both Outlets offer parents a unique and fuss-free way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Through our Longkang Fishing parties, children will enjoy hours of fun and laughter! Check out our attractive Children Longkang event packages

1. Exclusive use of the section
2. Our specially designed invitation cards
3. Party Balloons decorations surrounding the LongKang pond area
4. Catering area for your buffet provided
5. The children can take home all the fishes caught packed in an oxygen bag

plus other recreational activities at special prices to keep accompanying parents occupied!

Apart from the usual guppy, we have baby koi, goldfish, swordtail, tiger barb, red fish, molly and even shrimps in the pond for them.

At our Fish@Aranda outlet, here’s also a wet playground beside the LongKang pond for the kids to play at.

Your guest and you will definitely have a great time here as we never disappoint.

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