Before internet and electronic games such as X-box became popular, children often used to play in the great outdoors. Back in those days, one of a common past time was catching little fishes in the water drains or affectionately known as “Longkang Fishing”.

Here kids will get to reminisce their parents’ good old days of catching fishes with small nets from our specially re-created “Longkang” pond. Fishes in the Longkang pond include guppy, baby koi, goldfish, swordtail, tiger barb, red fish, molly as well as shrimps!

Children get to bring home the fishes which they caught to keep as pet. This gives parents an opportunity to teach their child to be responsible pet owner starting with a pet fish.

Additionally, children who opt not to bring fishes home will also receive a little souvenir from us.

Small and large tanks, air pump and anti-chlorine are available for purchase at reasonable prices.

Children LongKang (Drain) Fishing is available at both outlets.

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